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Amplifers with valves

On this website you will find tube (valve) amplifiers I designed, repaired, built and collected.

The PA amplifier was designed and built by myself for use at motorcross events to adress the visitors.

This amplifier was later used as a PA system for a commercial popgroup.

The Marshall clone is a guitar amplifier built by myself. Look here how it's done.

During my research for Philips amplifiers over the world I was asked if there was also information of tube (valve) amplifiers called the EV44xx series. All what I found you can find here.

Specialy I collect Philips amplifiers of the EL64xx series. It was very hard to find and get the information of these amplifier series. For some amplifiers was it impossible to get, if you look here you will see why!

In the "extra" part you will find some special amplifiers I found during my investigation. Such as amplifiers used in movie theaters, the AG90xx series and the Philips organs Philicorda.

In the last two parts service manuals of the different units are available.